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Now y’all know I really enjoy a great thrift store find, right? It’s true- and what defines a “great” thrift store find doesn’t always equal its monetary value. Sometimes it’s just how much I simply love it- and let me tell you- this skirt was love at first sight!

Just seeing the print made me happy. I didn’t know why at the time, it just did. But I didn’t buy it. Well, not THAT day.

I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t my size, and happy as it made me to meet such fun on a hangar, it’s just silly to buy something I will never wear.

Or is it?

A few days later it dawned on me: THIS is why I loved the skirt: it reminded me of my 1960’s era Yellow Submarine lunchbox (with matching Thermos, thankyouverymuch!)

The pink is THE pink.
The orange is THE orange.
The yellow is THE yellow.
The teal? Oh yeah. It’s THE teal!
And that’s why, fit or not, I needed to go back and rescue that skirt from the size 10 thrift store rack!
So I did.
And it made me HAPPY



And you know what I did next?
I cut it up.

Oh yes I did.
And I made THIS out of it:

Here’s another shot of my Happy Yellow Submarine purse: (I’ll tell you about that wall in the background a little later.)

Did someone just say, “SQUEEEEEEE!”?
Oh, sorry, yes, that was me. I’m still pretty happy over this whole skirt-doesn’t-fit-but-I-bought-it-and-made-a-stinkin’-PURSE-out-of-it thing.
If you wanna try to make one, here’s the recipe:
Shop the fabric – not the sizes- in the thrift stores. (Note: I also shop the buttons & lace parts of thrifty clothes!)
Bring it home. (You don’t have to wait for pleasant childhood memories to lure you back to the thrift store, where *GASP* someone may have bought it!)
Cut it as you wish. I cut the fabric about 1/2″ longer than the depth I wanted in the purse. I also cut a strip to serve as the shoulder strap and I cut the flounce off the bottom. If you happen to have a “flouncy” bottom on your skirt, just cut about 1/2″ above the ruffle so you can sew it back on later.
Once everything was cut, I took a deep breath. As much as I love the fabric, I didn’t want to be disappointed if my project didn’t work out! I decided that I could enjoy the fabric as a little pillow for the car, or maybe a scarf, or at the minimum, a pin cushion for my sewing table.
Once I figured out all-is-not-lost, I began sewing.
I happened to have some webbing in my stash, and it was just the right length for a shoulder strap.


I had to trim the fabric down a bit. Let me just mention that I really winged this whole thing- there was no “exact” measuring and when I cut the fabric, it was often uneven. This wasn’t a big deal since I was going to be happy regardless. (See car pillow, scarf, pin cushion above.)

I top-stitched and poof! We have a shoulder strap.

I needed a closure of some sort so I dug these out of my hardware stash:


And sewed them inside what used to be the waistband. I used a scrap of ribbon for added support. Oh, and that metal doohickey that goes on the back of the magnet? Yeah, I lost one. It’s probably in the carpet somewhere, but I was too busy being HAPPY to stop, drop and search, so I forged ahead!
Next, I actually had to UNDO this because my magnet was not strong enough to connect with fabric covering it.

It was time to add the shoulder strap. I decided I wanted the zipper on the side and since it’s nylon, I could sew over it. This would keep it closed.

I added the ruffle – flounce just below what was the waistband but is now the top edge of my purse. I simply sewed up the bottom of the bag and VOILA! Momma’s got a brand new bag!
Happy? Oh yeah. It’s got happy written all over it!

Here it is in a different pose:

And here it is at church: (we went to Saturday night service. We love the option of Saturday church!)

A few notes: this was simply a fun project. I didn’t sweat out stuff like accurate cutting or seams or fancy, clean finishes. I wasn’t sure any of it would work out but since it did, I’ll enjoy using such a fun bag!
Note also that the fabric puddles- it’s a poly blend and very slinky so the bag doesn’t have stability. I’ll use a zipper bag inside to keep the little stuff from spilling out.
Final note: that wall. Talk about things that make you happy?! My daughter and son-in-law faux-finished this for me as a Mother’s Day gift several years ago. I blogged about it HERE
Thanks for stopping by! God bless, thrift on and be happy!
Kathy Bo


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My first “official” post as a Design Team member for Scrap It Girl is for Favorite Things Friday!

Category: My fave craft storage idea!

This was soooo stinkin’ easy because I love, love, love this desk!

I have two of these desk tops- if you know Ikea, you know that you buy separate components to make what you need. I think “IKEA” in Swede means “genius”!

I store my punches beneath the glass so I can see them at a glance. It’s perfect for pondering my next project!
I have repurposed some Stampin’ Up! shipping boxes to serve as trays for my punches to slide in. One day I hope to find someone who can make some that look nice!
I also store 12 X 12 paper and my go-to cardstock beneath the glass in the other desk. The two desks butt up to one another and create an island in my small studio. Even better is: two desks means two chairs! My crafty friends and I enjoy creating together with a Lazy Susan full of tools, right in the center of my desks!

Here’s the paperwork that came with the desks and supporting units.



I’m so glad I kept up with this paperwork because these are the nicest desks I’ve ever owned, and if anything ever happens to them I will at least have something to go by if we have to find replacements.

Well, I tried to find the glass desk tops online but it seems Ikea doesn’t carry them anymore. I DID find this on Amazon, though!
I challenge you, dear reader, to choose one of your favorite things you enjoy most about your crafting area! Share it below and inspire us!

That’s it for today, y’all have a blessed weekend!

Kathy Bo

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I needed a gift for my pastor and his wife and wouldn’t you know it, the baby is nearly 6 months old and I just got around to doing this.

It’s a taggie blankie, flannel squares of cuteness!


I found these squares at JoAnn, in a charm square bundle. What could be easier? Oh look! Here they are! I sewed the squares in strips then joined them – yes, this isn’t a “tutorial” so much as a sharing- but you get the idea!

So after I sewed the squares to make the front and back of the blankie, I sewed strips to make little tags. While this was a bit tedious- measuring, cutting, sewing, turning them right side out- it was worth it to coordinate! You can use ribbon- most people do- and I will probably go back to that in the future.

Anyway, I pinned the “tags” inside and then pinned the front and back together. See that tag in the corner? I had to remove it at the end. It made the corners pucker.

It’s simple and sweet- a nice little “something” to celebrate a ManCub!

Thanks for visiting! Be blessed!
Kathy Bo

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I love the U.K. based magazine ‘Mollie Makes’.
Issue thirty-two was waiting for me on the shelf at Joann.

The plant in the teacup? Little sewn petals of loveliness.
I love so many things about this publication and it’s one of my few magazine splurges.
I always look forward to discovering the latest issue.

This one has a very sweet kit attached. It has everything one needs to make two adorable fox pins.

I happened to pick this up during a camping trip and was delighted to find everything I needed right there in that little pouch. I packed some craft items in the RV, but nothing like I would need for such a project.

Once I got “home” with the magazine, I opened the paper pouch and peeked inside.

Felt? Check.
Thread? Check.
Needle? Check.
No way would they include the pin backs- but oh, yes they did, so….
Pin backs? Check and check!

Would you believe I didn’t even read the magazine before I began cutting and stitching these cuties?

It’s true.

I found the pattern inside and began tracing.

My supplies were so limited, but notepaper for tracing worked fine. As did tape for securing the pattern piece.

I cut two at once.

I sewed on the pin back.

And began stitching.

My stitches are terrible due to TWO puppies in my lap, no thimble and less than task lighting, but aren’t we supposed to rough it a little when we’re camping? This is as rough as I want!

The directions were so easy to follow! I stitched the eyes and nose and voila! I have a fox in my camp!


Here are my “helpers”.

I made the second fox just like the first but I did have to trim the orange one a bit. You can see them here, on the right of the packet.

I’ll be taking these two camp foxes home as a reminder of a very special find on this trip!
Thanks for stopping by! God bless!

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I said I would have an announcement on September 6, 2013, and I’m so excited to share my news with you!

I am combining my love of stamping, papercrafting, scrapbooking, sewing, needlework and all crafting in general so that I can offer classes in all of the above as a Creative Consultant!

What does this mean for you?

It means classes, whether face to face or online, with all supplies mailed directly to you along with a link for YouTube instructions, you’ll enjoy learning all forms of new techniques!

It means that you can look forward to getting the absolute MOST out of your classes. Your instruction will be thorough and at the end of your class you will have finished projects to enjoy! I have been, and will continue to, do research and take part in classes, seminars and webinars so that I can share the latest and greatest in crafting with you!

From organizing your tools and supplies to learning the latest techniques, you’ll be able to learn something new with every class. Like this: how CUTE!!


Want to know how to make envelopes out of paper? I have the best tool on the market!

How about how to efficiently make ALL of your Christmas cards or a stash of all occasions? I’ve got it down pat.

Want to get into sewing? I teach all of the basics!

Some things you will learn in my classes:


Tools: Which glue? Why “those” scissors? Learn all you’ll need to know about tools.
Cards with moving parts
Cards with glitter that DOESN’T come off
Cards with dimensions and layers
and lots more!


Journaling: how to tell the story
Documenting: Why and how
Super Creative Pockets: Here’s how you stash those extra pix
Personalizing: How brochures, maps and menus make your pages pop

3D, etc.

Make boxes out of paper
Make dimensional cards, snowflakes and bookmarks

These are just a FEW of the many things I’m teaching, so subscribe to my blog now and stay updated!

Want a bit of history? Here ya go:

I’ve been a crafter for many, many years. I recall sewing at the age of 11, and thankfully my mom allowed me to use her machine. Otherwise, my dreams of piecing fabrics so that they can become something “more” may have never come true.

My trend is to sew accessories such as purses, but I also love to make home decor and cool, funky clothes for my grandLittles. I like to sew clothing for myself too, and now that there are so many amazing fabrics and patterns available, I expect to be sewing a lot more!

Back in the late 80’s, I began making jewelry out of Fimo clay. It became a successful business and took a lot of time. My husband and kids worked the business with me and we were able to vacation with the money I made during a time we couldn’t have gone otherwise.

I moved from Fimo to stamping in the 90’s and I haven’t turned back. I am a Stampin’ Up demonstrator but I also enjoy creating vintage cards and pages with Tim Holtz supplies and Austen Gallery.

Whether in person or online via YouTube, pull up your “Time Out” chair and let’s get creative together!

Until then, enjoy some of these fun designs!







Thanks for stopping by! God bless!

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Here’s another super cute notepad! Supplies came from my stash, and most is Stampin’ Up. Though some is discontinued, you can make it too! Just dig out some of your favorite papers, embellishments and maybe print some imagery from the web!

Here’s a link for the basic tutorial









Check out my Stampin’ Up! page! $99 and you can join my team!

I enjoy making these and sharing with friends and family. What a neat, creative and useful gift!
Thanks for visiting! God bless!

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I have this thing about lace. I love it. While I prefer the exquisite (go figure!) I’m a sucker for pretty much most every lace I’ve come in contact with.  So there was this dress that someone gave me a while back, which was too small and also circa 1980’s.  I didn’t like the fashions of the 80’s, not even when I was wearing them, so the only saving grace for this dress was that – it was lacy – and would make a nice wall decoration in the bedroom.  And so it was.  I hung it, shoulder pads and all, from a large rack that is also the home for scarves and an assortment of hats.  The little vignette was girly and dainty, its centerpiece a dress I would enjoy but never, ever, wear.

And then I cut it in half.

Last night.

Yeah, I did.

This was before:

Note the shoulder pads. Why we ever bought into that fashion accessory, I'll never know.

Note the shoulder pads. Why we ever bought into that fashion accessory, I’ll never know.

It’s a whole dress – as you can see. Until. This. Happened:

It was a crazy, radical thing to do. But wait... it gets better.

It was a crazy, radical thing to do. But wait… it gets better.

As you can also see, the top is now separate from the bottom as well as separated from its beloved shoulder pads, which we have already established is wrong, whatever generation one is from.

Once I cut it in half, I left it to ponder.  I don’t think the dress pondered a single thing, but I did.  I pondered how I would turn the skirt into a skirt.  Would I insert a zipper? (spoiler alert: NO!) Would I make a nice little V shaped thingie with a button on top? (Spoiler #2: NADA!) Would I perhaps make a waistband with elastic? Ohhhhh yes, I would.

I did not follow the Rules of Elastic Inserting - if there are such things. I figure once you cut a dress in half, you can do whatever you want.  And so I did.

I did not follow the Rules of Elastic Inserting – if there are such things. I figure once you cut a dress in half, you can do whatever you want. And so I did.

The elastic was nice and wide, so it would be stable as a waistband.  I blew past so many “rules” of sewing it’s not even funny.  Well, it really is… because A: I did not make a proper casing because I was a rule breaker after all.  B: I didn’t sew the edges of the elastic, allowing it to float in the casing (see the line about being a rule breaker) and C: Well, I don’t really have a C, but if I did, it would probably involve something wild and crazy like using white bobbin thread and ecru spool thread.  Ok, I did that too.

So here I have 1/2 of the dress on the sewing machine and the rule breaking elastic insert method happened to work out wonderfully.  One would almost think I’d done it before… which maybe I have… that’s a memory question and I only retain water.

Speaking of retaining stuff, I tried the dress on before cutting it up and having lost 50 lbs, it fit.  Though I have no idea of when / where I will wear it, I am also a bit of a rogue when it comes to “appropriate attire” and might just toss it on to go grocery shopping – if it’s a lacy kind of day.

And here it is:

I pulled a lot of lacy stuff to see how it all would work with the new skirt. The hat had to come along since it's been BFF's with the dress and they have hung out for ages now.

I pulled a lot of lacy stuff to see how it all would work with the new skirt. The hat had to come along since it’s been BFF’s with the dress and they have hung out for ages now.

Voila! The skirt that used to be a dress is upcycled to something I will totally enjoy! Now I just have to find a spring tea - or a shopping trip to pick up milk and bread - so I can wear it!

Voila! The skirt that used to be a dress is upcycled to something I will totally enjoy! Now I just have to wait for a spring tea – or a shopping trip to pick up milk and bread – so I can wear it!

Hope you enjoyed my upcycled / recycled skirt!  Know what’s next? Yep – the top.  I already have lots of plans for it… will share after I ponder it a bit more.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

Kathy Bo

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