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Now y’all know I really enjoy a great thrift store find, right? It’s true- and what defines a “great” thrift store find doesn’t always equal its monetary value. Sometimes it’s just how much I simply love it- and let me tell you- this skirt was love at first sight!

Just seeing the print made me happy. I didn’t know why at the time, it just did. But I didn’t buy it. Well, not THAT day.

I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t my size, and happy as it made me to meet such fun on a hangar, it’s just silly to buy something I will never wear.

Or is it?

A few days later it dawned on me: THIS is why I loved the skirt: it reminded me of my 1960’s era Yellow Submarine lunchbox (with matching Thermos, thankyouverymuch!)

The pink is THE pink.
The orange is THE orange.
The yellow is THE yellow.
The teal? Oh yeah. It’s THE teal!
And that’s why, fit or not, I needed to go back and rescue that skirt from the size 10 thrift store rack!
So I did.
And it made me HAPPY



And you know what I did next?
I cut it up.

Oh yes I did.
And I made THIS out of it:

Here’s another shot of my Happy Yellow Submarine purse: (I’ll tell you about that wall in the background a little later.)

Did someone just say, “SQUEEEEEEE!”?
Oh, sorry, yes, that was me. I’m still pretty happy over this whole skirt-doesn’t-fit-but-I-bought-it-and-made-a-stinkin’-PURSE-out-of-it thing.
If you wanna try to make one, here’s the recipe:
Shop the fabric – not the sizes- in the thrift stores. (Note: I also shop the buttons & lace parts of thrifty clothes!)
Bring it home. (You don’t have to wait for pleasant childhood memories to lure you back to the thrift store, where *GASP* someone may have bought it!)
Cut it as you wish. I cut the fabric about 1/2″ longer than the depth I wanted in the purse. I also cut a strip to serve as the shoulder strap and I cut the flounce off the bottom. If you happen to have a “flouncy” bottom on your skirt, just cut about 1/2″ above the ruffle so you can sew it back on later.
Once everything was cut, I took a deep breath. As much as I love the fabric, I didn’t want to be disappointed if my project didn’t work out! I decided that I could enjoy the fabric as a little pillow for the car, or maybe a scarf, or at the minimum, a pin cushion for my sewing table.
Once I figured out all-is-not-lost, I began sewing.
I happened to have some webbing in my stash, and it was just the right length for a shoulder strap.


I had to trim the fabric down a bit. Let me just mention that I really winged this whole thing- there was no “exact” measuring and when I cut the fabric, it was often uneven. This wasn’t a big deal since I was going to be happy regardless. (See car pillow, scarf, pin cushion above.)

I top-stitched and poof! We have a shoulder strap.

I needed a closure of some sort so I dug these out of my hardware stash:


And sewed them inside what used to be the waistband. I used a scrap of ribbon for added support. Oh, and that metal doohickey that goes on the back of the magnet? Yeah, I lost one. It’s probably in the carpet somewhere, but I was too busy being HAPPY to stop, drop and search, so I forged ahead!
Next, I actually had to UNDO this because my magnet was not strong enough to connect with fabric covering it.

It was time to add the shoulder strap. I decided I wanted the zipper on the side and since it’s nylon, I could sew over it. This would keep it closed.

I added the ruffle – flounce just below what was the waistband but is now the top edge of my purse. I simply sewed up the bottom of the bag and VOILA! Momma’s got a brand new bag!
Happy? Oh yeah. It’s got happy written all over it!

Here it is in a different pose:

And here it is at church: (we went to Saturday night service. We love the option of Saturday church!)

A few notes: this was simply a fun project. I didn’t sweat out stuff like accurate cutting or seams or fancy, clean finishes. I wasn’t sure any of it would work out but since it did, I’ll enjoy using such a fun bag!
Note also that the fabric puddles- it’s a poly blend and very slinky so the bag doesn’t have stability. I’ll use a zipper bag inside to keep the little stuff from spilling out.
Final note: that wall. Talk about things that make you happy?! My daughter and son-in-law faux-finished this for me as a Mother’s Day gift several years ago. I blogged about it HERE
Thanks for stopping by! God bless, thrift on and be happy!
Kathy Bo


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I saw this fun wreath online and had to make one to display at my upcoming Christmas Open House! If you are local, it’s Saturday Oct 19!

This wreath is made of Stampin’ Up Designer Series Paper and ribbon, a styrofoam wreath and floral pins.

I LOVE this paper! Not only is it durable enough to cut into strips and curl, it is fun and right on trend for the holidays. Cool thing though, it can really be used all year long for cards or scrapbooking!
Love it too? You can find it HERE

The ribbon is also Stampin’ Up. It’s 1″ stitched edge Cherry Cobbler grosgrain and I use it for cards but I think it’s perfect for hanging the wreath. Besides, the red in the wreath matches perfectly! You’ll find it right here!

The wreath came from Hobby Lobby. The label says it’s a 12″ white “extruded” wreath and cost $4.47. The pins, also Hobby Lobby, $4.99 for a pound. (I put the wreath sticker on the pin bag).


Ok, here’s how to make one:
Order your paper and ribbon from my site here(thank you very much!).

Cut paper into 1 1/8 X 6 1/2 strips. I used my Stampin’ Trimmer

Curl the ends of the paper strips. Tighten or loosen the curls as desired.

Place the paper curl on the wreath and pin it down. It works much better if you just position it, hold it in place, then pin.

I put the ribbon on like this so it would hang flat, then tied a bow at the top.

Now all you have to do is cut, curl and pin to your heart’s content! It won’t take long to create this beautiful wreath to share as a sweet gift or to make your home even more special this Christmas! I love it so much I’ll be making a fall one next!
Thanks for visiting my blog! God bless you!


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Yes friends, I said chowDUH! Like they say in New England!

Every single autumn of my adult life I have dreamed of seeing the leaves of New England. Though I’ve not made it yet, I am hoping one of these days to make a dash through New England in the fall and spend at least a few days in a delightful bed and breakfast on the coast of Maine.

But meanwhile, I can pretend that I’m NOT spending fall in Savannah! No! It is brisk outside, the leaves are crunching beneath my feet and I’m snuggling in at the end of a busy day of photographing tranquil N.E. harbors…. and making some delightful chowduh!!

But first, I have to tell you about my daughter-in-law who single handedly saved my dinner disaster last weekend. My cooking skills are somewhat limited, and God has truly blessed us in so many ways with Emily, who was raised by an incredible mom that is well known for her culinary skills.

So I was standing there at the stove having a meltdown (don’t forget… I’m menopausal) and sweet Em offered a solution. I had chicken and I had vegetables. Sounds good? Well, it was far from what it was supposed to be, something like lemon chicken or something, I’ve put that part of the disaster out of my memory (thank you, menopause!) So she suggested we put “some” of the veggies in the blender, make a kind of thicker version, then add the rest plus the chicken and man, oh, man, we had some serious chowder. It was SO good!

She derived this from a recipe for corn chowder that she’d found online! See, I would have just thought “corn chowder” and would never, ever have considered adapting it in other ways. She also taught me how to use Clorox in my laundry, but that is another story altogether!

Well, this just set me to thinking…. my friend and next door neighbor who in the last year has shed several pounds, told me she makes a pot of soup and adds to the mixture over a period of days… and changes it up, by adding ham or chicken, rice, beans, or whatever is on hand! She uses Knorr vegetable soup mix too. Well, I gave it a try last night. I plan to keep this thing going throughout the fall and winter or until my husband, Ninja Man, begs for soup mercy, which he probably won’t do because he enjoys a stout soup as well as I.

Here’s the soup in the crock pot, and here’s the list of ingredients:

Frozen okra
Frozen blackeyed peas and string beans
one can of corn
I think there’s some water in it too… can’t remember… oops.
a large can of diced tomatoes
I just remembered I forgot the onion, so tomorrow, I’ll add onion!
Ham (not just any ham… see below)
brown rice (uncooked, just toss it in but start cooking about 5 hours, NOT 3, before you are ready to eat. I found that out tonight…)

So here’s the finished product, complete in it’s steamy goodness:

Ninja Man was delighted to discover a ham bone and chunks of ham floating in the broth. This isn’t just ANY ham, this is the one he smoked this past summer. He came in, covered in charcoal (and I’m pretty sure his eyebrows were a bit singed) and smelling like, well, um, smoked ham. The grin on his face as he carried that platter into the house looked like the hunter returning from the big kill. He’d worked all day on that ham, stoking the fire, visiting with neighbors over the fence and smoking a smooth cigar, all on a summer day.

The ham melts in your mouth, it is so Mmmmm good. (I TOLD you he was a Ninja.)

Here’s a shot with the package of Knorr vege mix. If not for my neighbor, I would have seen that and thought, “hmmm, that’s what I would make spinach dip with.” As if I could make spinach dip…. Bon appetit!

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