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Are you ready for this? It is more than a swing… more than a porch swing! Yes, it is the (drum roll please…) Ultimate Porch Swing!Ninja Man made this for me in no time at all. I saw one on a Saturday and by the next Saturday afternoon, I was napping on my cottage porch!

The idea came while we were in Newnan and I came across a full-sized bed swing while visiting a neat little shop on Labor Day where I found some great fabric that I’ll be featuring on the blog later. . Wow, it was pretty stinkin‘ awesome. The trick was finding a mattress for it… We didn’t want an expensive project, and we figured the wood and hardware could be done for under $100.
As you can see, it would be no fun without a big ole fluffy mattress!

Can you imagine what happened next? My dad, who lives near Newnan just happened to have a new cot-sized mattress that he needed to get rid of. He is designing something and this was a prototype that didn’t meet his standard.

I couldn’t believe it! My Ultimate Porch Swing was going to really happen.

On our drive home, we stopped by Lowe’s. Even though it was Labor Day, they were open… so Ninja Man went in, got the stuff we needed and the very next afternoon when he got home from work he started working on it.

He used screws to hold the wood together and he was careful to sand down any parts that might give our little grandson a splinter later on. He used super strong chain and reinforced the beam in the porch roof since we don’t have many “small” sized folks in our family.

The result is this:I have not yet sewn a cover for the mattress, but I can tell you it will have handles so we can carry it in and out easier. For now, I have this sweet quilt that I just lay on top of the mattress. It also comes in the house at night.

Having napped a time or two on this wonderful thing reminds me that our ancestors had a great idea with the sleeping porches they used back in the day. Nothing like a cool Savannah night, curled up in a heavy quilt while swaying with the breeze.

Thanks Ninja, thanks dad. I love it.


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Last year my doctor told me to create a routine in order to reduce stress. My evening routine is so pleasant that I find myself looking forward to that time all day. It is the time when I put on my nightgown, stretch out in my recliner, pick up my knitting and relax with my sweet little Boston Terrier Hoover, lying on my legs.

He is so accustomed to our “quality” time that he waits for me to get settled, looks across at the shabby chic quilt I made, watches as I drape it over my legs, then he jumps up and snuggles in. I took this photo tonight as he was lying with me in my chair.

Just as sure as I am typing this, I know for a fact that God sent this little angel to comfort me. He came into my life at the most perfect time and I love him dearly.

I thank God for the sweet wonders of life and the compassion and gentleness of this little dog who loves me unconditionally.

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My friend who works at a local hospital said the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit needed small quilts to put on the foot of the beds. These would be used to brighten up the environment as well as would be given to the child after leaving the unit or to the family if the child does not survive.

My friend brought this cause home to our needlework group, gathered volunteers and hosted a quilt piecing session in her home. It was awesome for many reasons: we were able to serve others who are suffering, we had an opportunity to create something together, some learned new tasks such as rotary cutting and ironing in specific ways,= and we pieced four quilt tops in just four hours with a fifth one cut and waiting for piecing!

(Me and another friend, Polly)

What an awesome and blessed day! A Sunday afternoon well spent.

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