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I am so excited when my Paper Pumpkin surprise arrives in the mail each week! Even better is when I can use part of the kit to create something entirely different! The Paper Pumpkin for April 2015 features the base that this sweet greeting is built upon. That kraft sleeve is the Paper Pumpkin part. All other goodies are from the 2014-2015 Stampin’ Up annual catalog or the 2015 Occasions Catalog.

Y’all know how much I love vintage (as does Shelli Gardner, co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!), so I couldn’t wait to put all these beautiful elements together. image


And the fact that there is not a specific sentiment means this beauty can be personalized for any occasion.

As far as supplies are concerned, I had them all listed here with links to my store, but there was a glitch and I lost all of the text in this post! So sad when that happens!  I will gather those items and list again, complete with links. Meanwhile, visit my store here! 

Thanks for stopping by! God bless.

Kathy Bo


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Now y’all know I really enjoy a great thrift store find, right? It’s true- and what defines a “great” thrift store find doesn’t always equal its monetary value. Sometimes it’s just how much I simply love it- and let me tell you- this skirt was love at first sight!

Just seeing the print made me happy. I didn’t know why at the time, it just did. But I didn’t buy it. Well, not THAT day.

I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t my size, and happy as it made me to meet such fun on a hangar, it’s just silly to buy something I will never wear.

Or is it?

A few days later it dawned on me: THIS is why I loved the skirt: it reminded me of my 1960’s era Yellow Submarine lunchbox (with matching Thermos, thankyouverymuch!)

The pink is THE pink.
The orange is THE orange.
The yellow is THE yellow.
The teal? Oh yeah. It’s THE teal!
And that’s why, fit or not, I needed to go back and rescue that skirt from the size 10 thrift store rack!
So I did.
And it made me HAPPY



And you know what I did next?
I cut it up.

Oh yes I did.
And I made THIS out of it:

Here’s another shot of my Happy Yellow Submarine purse: (I’ll tell you about that wall in the background a little later.)

Did someone just say, “SQUEEEEEEE!”?
Oh, sorry, yes, that was me. I’m still pretty happy over this whole skirt-doesn’t-fit-but-I-bought-it-and-made-a-stinkin’-PURSE-out-of-it thing.
If you wanna try to make one, here’s the recipe:
Shop the fabric – not the sizes- in the thrift stores. (Note: I also shop the buttons & lace parts of thrifty clothes!)
Bring it home. (You don’t have to wait for pleasant childhood memories to lure you back to the thrift store, where *GASP* someone may have bought it!)
Cut it as you wish. I cut the fabric about 1/2″ longer than the depth I wanted in the purse. I also cut a strip to serve as the shoulder strap and I cut the flounce off the bottom. If you happen to have a “flouncy” bottom on your skirt, just cut about 1/2″ above the ruffle so you can sew it back on later.
Once everything was cut, I took a deep breath. As much as I love the fabric, I didn’t want to be disappointed if my project didn’t work out! I decided that I could enjoy the fabric as a little pillow for the car, or maybe a scarf, or at the minimum, a pin cushion for my sewing table.
Once I figured out all-is-not-lost, I began sewing.
I happened to have some webbing in my stash, and it was just the right length for a shoulder strap.


I had to trim the fabric down a bit. Let me just mention that I really winged this whole thing- there was no “exact” measuring and when I cut the fabric, it was often uneven. This wasn’t a big deal since I was going to be happy regardless. (See car pillow, scarf, pin cushion above.)

I top-stitched and poof! We have a shoulder strap.

I needed a closure of some sort so I dug these out of my hardware stash:


And sewed them inside what used to be the waistband. I used a scrap of ribbon for added support. Oh, and that metal doohickey that goes on the back of the magnet? Yeah, I lost one. It’s probably in the carpet somewhere, but I was too busy being HAPPY to stop, drop and search, so I forged ahead!
Next, I actually had to UNDO this because my magnet was not strong enough to connect with fabric covering it.

It was time to add the shoulder strap. I decided I wanted the zipper on the side and since it’s nylon, I could sew over it. This would keep it closed.

I added the ruffle – flounce just below what was the waistband but is now the top edge of my purse. I simply sewed up the bottom of the bag and VOILA! Momma’s got a brand new bag!
Happy? Oh yeah. It’s got happy written all over it!

Here it is in a different pose:

And here it is at church: (we went to Saturday night service. We love the option of Saturday church!)

A few notes: this was simply a fun project. I didn’t sweat out stuff like accurate cutting or seams or fancy, clean finishes. I wasn’t sure any of it would work out but since it did, I’ll enjoy using such a fun bag!
Note also that the fabric puddles- it’s a poly blend and very slinky so the bag doesn’t have stability. I’ll use a zipper bag inside to keep the little stuff from spilling out.
Final note: that wall. Talk about things that make you happy?! My daughter and son-in-law faux-finished this for me as a Mother’s Day gift several years ago. I blogged about it HERE
Thanks for stopping by! God bless, thrift on and be happy!
Kathy Bo

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Hearts, hearts and more hearts! That’s my thing all year long, so when the fabulous Scrap It Girl gave this challenge to those of us on the Design Team, I was just thrilled to share this card:

Be my Valentine!

Be my Valentine!

You can see this card in the previous post but now I can share the details!
I created this simple but sweet card with products from Stampin’ Up, and held a workshop where several ladies enjoyed making it. Here are some of them “loving” the creative process: image
What do I love most about this card? Well, hearts are my “thing” all year long – I have a heart on my pillow so when we change pillowcases I know which one is mine, I draw a heart on my take out cup or leftover box and I even have a heart on my toothbrush! It’s not so much about “mine” as it is that hearts just make me happy! So of course I ❤️ the heart!

Here’s what I used to create the card (and it’s a standard A2, which is 4 1/4 X 5 1/2″ card.)
Stampin’ Up:
Card stock: natural, real red
Stamps: the heart came from the Best of series: Best of Love
the sentiment is from Delightful Dozen
Ink: real red
Embossing folder: Beautifully Baroque
Sizzix Bigz Die: Top Note
Ribbon: Very Vanilla 1/2″ seam binding ribbon

Look for these items in my Stampin’ Up store

And if you LOVE hearts like I do, or if you just want to enjoy a fun challenge, play along here and you may receive something sweet!

Thanks so much for stopping by! God bless!
Kathy Bo

I'm a Scrap It Girl Design Team Member!

I’m a Scrap It Girl Design Team Member!

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My friend sent me a pin from Pinterest of a banner that said: “Happy Camper”. Well, I just happen to have been planning a trip with Ninja Man and since we were taking the RV, I figured what better time to create a banner for our little home away from home?

Disclaimer and spoiler alert: I do not like the blue flag and will change it when we return home where all my nifty supplies are. I brought only the necessities (ok, really, I brought enough materials to create two banners PLUS a bag of knitting, and wouldn’t you know I “need” more stuff!)

So here’s the finished banner with the pitiful and soon-to-be-changed blue flag:

Here’s how it all came together:
I used this kit from Stampin’ Up and may I just say for $19.95, it’s so much fun!


Love it? I understand. I do too. You can order it HERE
Ok, so while you’re in my store, search for “ink”. You’re gonna need it. Just in case you are curious, I used Island Indigo, Soft Suede and Cherry Cobbler.

Here’s how I made it:
I used painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the pennant panel. Unless you want to complicate this by using rulers and (gasp!) math, you will need to do some “eyeballing” here. Mine isn’t perfect- but I try to just put the stencil in the same position each time, looking at top, bottom and each side of the pennant.

Because I’m in the RV, the lid to the banner kit worked great. At home I’d put paper down on my studio desk.

I use THESE sponges from Stampin’ Up. Three for $3.50 goes a long way. I cut them in several triangles and usually staple a little tab so I’ll know what color is on them.

Since the pennants are canvas and kinda white in color, I decided to ink the backs as well. Note the little handmade tab stapled onto the sponge.

Once the front and back is stenciled, I added the letter to the circle on front.
I LOVE this kit. Really, I made one of these with 7 letters in ONE HOUR! I’ll post that later, as it’s a gift and a BIG SECRET.
Anyway, there’s a stencil that covers all but the circle. All you have to do is make sure the stencil covers the circle evenly.
Tape it down.
Now for the letter: eyeball the stencil edges to center the letter. You want to have the same amount of stencil on the left as you do on the right and the same amount on top as you do on bottom.

Here’s a close up of the sponging. Want more? Sponge more. Want less? Sponge less. Make it as dark or light as you want.

In no time at all, you have a GREAT banner panel suitable for PINNING ON PINTEREST FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

String them all together (easy since the grommets are already there!) and you have a banner! I used Krylon UV Clear spray (3 coats, front and back) because it’s going to be used outdoors.

It was raining when I finished, so I had to hang my banner inside to see if I loved it. Well, I do- except for that blue panel- but it will be fine for now.

And it is purely coincidence that it matches our RV exterior! Really serendipity.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
God bless.

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I saw this fun wreath online and had to make one to display at my upcoming Christmas Open House! If you are local, it’s Saturday Oct 19!

This wreath is made of Stampin’ Up Designer Series Paper and ribbon, a styrofoam wreath and floral pins.

I LOVE this paper! Not only is it durable enough to cut into strips and curl, it is fun and right on trend for the holidays. Cool thing though, it can really be used all year long for cards or scrapbooking!
Love it too? You can find it HERE

The ribbon is also Stampin’ Up. It’s 1″ stitched edge Cherry Cobbler grosgrain and I use it for cards but I think it’s perfect for hanging the wreath. Besides, the red in the wreath matches perfectly! You’ll find it right here!

The wreath came from Hobby Lobby. The label says it’s a 12″ white “extruded” wreath and cost $4.47. The pins, also Hobby Lobby, $4.99 for a pound. (I put the wreath sticker on the pin bag).


Ok, here’s how to make one:
Order your paper and ribbon from my site here(thank you very much!).

Cut paper into 1 1/8 X 6 1/2 strips. I used my Stampin’ Trimmer

Curl the ends of the paper strips. Tighten or loosen the curls as desired.

Place the paper curl on the wreath and pin it down. It works much better if you just position it, hold it in place, then pin.

I put the ribbon on like this so it would hang flat, then tied a bow at the top.

Now all you have to do is cut, curl and pin to your heart’s content! It won’t take long to create this beautiful wreath to share as a sweet gift or to make your home even more special this Christmas! I love it so much I’ll be making a fall one next!
Thanks for visiting my blog! God bless you!


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This was my first Leadership and it was incredible!

Besides the surprise announcements, besides the Prize Patrol, beside the sneak peeks and previews, you know what is hardest to believe? That for only $99, anyone can be a part of this AMAZING famiyl called Stampin’ Up!

I know. It’s crazy. BUT it’s true!

Let’s get on with some coverage of day 3, the final day (sniff, sniff) of this awesome parTAY!

First, we all gathered at the Chapin Theater for General Session. We enjoyed presentations from several, including Shelli, again with super adorable clothes! She wasn’t feeling well but persevered and continued to “share what she loves”, a true inspiration!

Here are some other pix from the day:

Rich shared a touching story that had us wiping tears! What a strong and brave young son he has.

Rich shared a touching story that had us wiping tears! What a strong and brave young son he has.

Everyone received something! Next pix will show you what's in the package! Have I said how much I LOVE what I do?!?!?

Everyone received something! Next pix will show you what’s in the package! Have I said how much I LOVE what I do?!?!?

Silver Glimmer Paper and embellishments. SUH-WEET!

Silver Glimmer Paper and embellishments. SUH-WEET!

Well, Hello!

Well, Hello!

Um. What can we say about Scott? All I can do is exhale! LOL!

Um. What can we say about Scott? All I can do is exhale! LOL!

Scott took this of us. One of us is a real Stalkie McStalker. I'll let you figure out who!

Scott took this of us. One of us is a real stalker. I’ll let you figure out who!

Outside of General Session, we toured the projects area, visited with Demo Support team members, had a chance to talk with the MDS gurus and saw great product demonstrations!

Outside of General Session, we toured the projects area, visited with Demo Support team members, had a chance to talk with the MDS gurus and saw great product demonstrations!


Gee! Did I leave anything out? TONS!!! I just can’t post it all! Not only did we receive a preview of upcoming 25th Anniversary stamp set, but we enjoyed fun, fellowship, creativity and so much inspiration that I can’t possibly contain it all! Stampin’ Up! is a dream come true for me. If you want in on that dream or if you just want to make and share the amazingly beautiful things that we enjoy as Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, then I want to share it with you! wwww.kathybo.stampinup.net Maybe we will all go to Convention in Salt Lake City in July! Until then, I’ll be posting on a regular with the latest in products and techniques!
Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

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Savannah Morning News

Front porch stories: Cat-sitting for demon felines
Kathy Bohannon | Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 12:30 am

When my daughter Aubern Michelle and her husband planned a vacation, I agreed to take care of their animals. That meant driving from Savannah to their home in Newnan, where they live with two dogs and two very, very strange cats.

One of their dogs is weird because he walks on his front feet, tapping with one back foot on occasion to keep his behind up in the air. He isn’t afraid of toys that outweigh him, and frequently runs around the house and yard, heavy bone in his mouth, fanny in the air. He looks like a circus dog.

One of her two cats cannot, should not and will not be touched. This has been the rule from the beginning. When I first met Sophia, she was spitting and hissing from the bars of a door on a locked crate. “Oh, she’s just a bit afraid,” my daughter said, discounting the fact the cat was displaying a full set of teeth, complete with fangs on upper and lower jaws. “Um, no, she’s just a bit possessed,” I assured her as I took a few steps back.

Sophia has been a case of nerves her whole life and she is allergic to grass. This makes her a house cat. Her co-cat, Misu, is also a house cat. I’ve had cats for most of my life and this one is undoubtedly the strangest one I’ve ever known, with the exception of the one we adopted from the pound who just sat still all day.

“All you have to do besides feed them is put them in the laundry room at night,” my daughter instructed.

Simple enough, I thought. The first night I called them to come to the laundry room. They glanced at one another and didn’t budge. An hour later I figured out how to get them in there, but it took about a third of a container of treats to lure them in. I set them down in a trail and Misu ate them all. I had to do it again for Sophia. I think I heard them snickering from behind the closed door.

The next night I started luring them in earlier. Again, they exchanged glances and ate almost a whole meal of treats before they were in the room for the night.

The third night I considered leaving them in the house, but 10 minutes into bedtime one of them was pulling at the bedroom door. I stumbled through the house to, once again, lure them in with treats. An hour later, they were snickering behind the door.

Sometime on day four, Misu gave Circus Dog the treats can. I think it was part of her plan, having had trouble removing the lid on her own. The dog popped his behind in the air and ran on just two legs, carrying the empty can all over the house. I forgot to buy more treats and that night, with nothing to lure them in, I figured it was time to get smarter than the cats.

I thought about locking them in at dinner, but that would be mean. Dinner was just after 6 and they would be confined for a long time before morning. I could just imagine the carnage. I wasn’t sure the door could hold them; after all it is just wood and metal. Being the animal lover (or chicken) that I am, I let them out after dinner. They curled up and watched me for the rest of the night.

There were just a few desperate hours left in the day in which I could consider my strategy. Every time I walked by one of them they would either watch me by glaring or, if I got too close, they would stick out a paw in warning. Knowing, rather hoping, that I was smarter than these two cats, I figured there was only one way to get them in the room. I would have to pick them up.

There was nothing to protect me. There were no falconry gloves in the house to protect me from talons of death. No suit of armor to shield me from being stabbed in a counter attack. Not even a can of Whoop-Cat I could open up on them. It was just me relying on my superior intelligence. I was reluctant, to say the least.

I remember when I was a kid that I trapped a bug under a jar. My brother slid something between the jar and the ground, and my bug was my contained pet for the day. One of the cats was in a chair. A laundry basket was nearby. I would have to carry the chair and basket, and clear the doorway, slamming it shut before the cat projected itself back on me. Not the best plan.

In the end my intelligence paid off. I simply snuck up behind Sophia and before she knew what was happening, I swooped her up and she was secured behind the door. Misu was snarling and swinging at me as I grabbed her and held her at the farthest arm’s length possible. Finally she was put up for the night.

I looked at the calendar. It would be several days before my duties would come to an end. Reaching for my grocery list, I made an addition. “One case of cat treats.”

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