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I can’t believe I haven’t posted since November. Well, sometimes there’s a blip on the screen of life and we get caught up in other things. My “other thing” has been FaceBook, a time sucker indeed.

But here I am, and I hope to post a lot more goodies! Meanwhile, isn’t this the most adorable pair of guys?

And they call it…..

Puppy love!

Yes, we have a new baby, the one dressed in little boy blue. His name is Dyson, he is a rare breed: a Boston Terrier-sneaky-neighbor-dog mix. Word has it that he is most likely an American Bulldog / Boston mix.

Either way, he is incredibly sweet and smart beyond smart. He was sitting on command the first week we got him (he was only 9 weeks old then) and is almost housebroken. Yes, I’m taking him out a lot, reminding him that the yard is the best place to do “those” things, so perhaps in reality, I’m the one who is trained!

Here he is pictured with his BFF Hoover, aka The HooMan. Hoover is our 5 year old Boston and Kerby, their other friend is the original pooch and is 11 years old. We have quite a sweet menagerie, each one a huge blessing.

See you in the next post!


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I had a speaking engagement last weekend so John and I made the trip with our grandson Asher John-Ryan, our son The Boy, his wife Emily and three, yes, three dogs. Do any of you recall when you could stuff a family of five into a huge car and still have room to add three dogs? Those Chevy’s from the 1950’s come to mind… I’m pretty sure we could walk around in those, even after the whole family got in!

So John and I, wanting to spend some quality time with our grandson, offered to sit in the back while The Boy and wife rode up front. Thankfully, one of the dogs is theirs and she rode with them. Our pups were angels the whole way, riding in our laps. Asher was the best of all, a great sport even though he had to sit for almost four whole hours. The speaking engagement went well and I made a new friend in the process. God blessed me so much I can hardly count the many blessings.

It was a wonderful weekend. Baby time, pups in lap, meeting sisters in Christ and a safe trip home. God is good all the time. All the time God is GOOD!

Breaking news: I just snarked these from my daughter in law Emily’s Facebook! I’m totally smitten with this little guy…

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Last year my doctor told me to create a routine in order to reduce stress. My evening routine is so pleasant that I find myself looking forward to that time all day. It is the time when I put on my nightgown, stretch out in my recliner, pick up my knitting and relax with my sweet little Boston Terrier Hoover, lying on my legs.

He is so accustomed to our “quality” time that he waits for me to get settled, looks across at the shabby chic quilt I made, watches as I drape it over my legs, then he jumps up and snuggles in. I took this photo tonight as he was lying with me in my chair.

Just as sure as I am typing this, I know for a fact that God sent this little angel to comfort me. He came into my life at the most perfect time and I love him dearly.

I thank God for the sweet wonders of life and the compassion and gentleness of this little dog who loves me unconditionally.

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It’s time to put on your seat belt for some CUTE!!!!Oh, yeah, Hoover is just so stinkin’ cute you could just squeeze him, but we’re not talking about puppies who take naps with their cute heads on pillows….


These are my first ever baby booties that I really like, made for a friend who had a baby girl. They are going to have to be “winter” shoes because of their rather large size (I think my needles were size 5) but cute is cute, so I hope in time she will enjoy them! I made little knitted balls instead of buttons since the baby will be older when she wears these and might have the dexterity to pull at a button.

The pattern was free (I’m all about FREE) and you can find it here Also visit Saartje’s blog and see her beautiful creations from the Netherlands. Thanks, Saartje, for a very fun pattern… and easy too!

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Funny Pups

Here’s a few shots just to make ya smile.

Kerby just had to taste Max, our grandpony. I posted this before, but it is so cute, here it is again!

Kerby and a few Goodfellas. It’s all here, in black and white. (artwork copyright Ian Mason 2008) Note that Kerby has a pink bandage on her foot. She had a hurt dewclaw and we had to have them both removed… not the feet, the dewclaws!

Kerby, in all her elegance.

Ho. Ho. Huh?

Leave me alone. I’m making you a surprise.

Here’s Hoover. We call this: “Me sleep ugly.”
If you click on it to make it bigger, we call it: “Me sleep REALLY ugly.”

This is Daisy, a visiting dog next door. She was just too cute for words.

Kerby and our Petunia at Easter a few years ago. Petunia has since passed away.

Kerby likes to model when we sell things on eBay.

May the force be with you.


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