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I needed a gift for my pastor and his wife and wouldn’t you know it, the baby is nearly 6 months old and I just got around to doing this.

It’s a taggie blankie, flannel squares of cuteness!


I found these squares at JoAnn, in a charm square bundle. What could be easier? Oh look! Here they are! I sewed the squares in strips then joined them – yes, this isn’t a “tutorial” so much as a sharing- but you get the idea!

So after I sewed the squares to make the front and back of the blankie, I sewed strips to make little tags. While this was a bit tedious- measuring, cutting, sewing, turning them right side out- it was worth it to coordinate! You can use ribbon- most people do- and I will probably go back to that in the future.

Anyway, I pinned the “tags” inside and then pinned the front and back together. See that tag in the corner? I had to remove it at the end. It made the corners pucker.

It’s simple and sweet- a nice little “something” to celebrate a ManCub!

Thanks for visiting! Be blessed!
Kathy Bo


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I saw this fun wreath online and had to make one to display at my upcoming Christmas Open House! If you are local, it’s Saturday Oct 19!

This wreath is made of Stampin’ Up Designer Series Paper and ribbon, a styrofoam wreath and floral pins.

I LOVE this paper! Not only is it durable enough to cut into strips and curl, it is fun and right on trend for the holidays. Cool thing though, it can really be used all year long for cards or scrapbooking!
Love it too? You can find it HERE

The ribbon is also Stampin’ Up. It’s 1″ stitched edge Cherry Cobbler grosgrain and I use it for cards but I think it’s perfect for hanging the wreath. Besides, the red in the wreath matches perfectly! You’ll find it right here!

The wreath came from Hobby Lobby. The label says it’s a 12″ white “extruded” wreath and cost $4.47. The pins, also Hobby Lobby, $4.99 for a pound. (I put the wreath sticker on the pin bag).


Ok, here’s how to make one:
Order your paper and ribbon from my site here(thank you very much!).

Cut paper into 1 1/8 X 6 1/2 strips. I used my Stampin’ Trimmer

Curl the ends of the paper strips. Tighten or loosen the curls as desired.

Place the paper curl on the wreath and pin it down. It works much better if you just position it, hold it in place, then pin.

I put the ribbon on like this so it would hang flat, then tied a bow at the top.

Now all you have to do is cut, curl and pin to your heart’s content! It won’t take long to create this beautiful wreath to share as a sweet gift or to make your home even more special this Christmas! I love it so much I’ll be making a fall one next!
Thanks for visiting my blog! God bless you!


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I made a cart cover for my grandson Asher, using Simplicity’s 4636 Baby Accessories pattern (see image below). I carried it with me on a trip to the hardware store so I could try it out on a grocery cart. It is a great fit and I am sure the little man cub will love the soft Minkee fabric! Constructed completely of Minkee, so you know it is snuggly and comfy!

This, being my first one, isn’t perfect cuz that’s the way I roll… I get impatient and don’t change thread colors so my stitches show when they shouldn’t, but here it is:

The pattern called for the cutout for the legs but not for a safety strap, so I improvised and made a buttonhole manually to thread the belt through. I zigzagged down one side, wide at the bottom, then zigzagged again back up and finished off with wide zigzag at the top. It looks just like a huge buttonhole. I just slit the center with small scissors and cut the opening, then put a seam on either side of the opening beside the zigzag stitches to keep it from raveling. Minkee sheds a bit, so this will keep it nice and neat.

Should’a used white thread but like I said, I was over anxious and didn’t really think about it, so you can see the buttonhole effect on the back.

Here’s the pattern… easy enough for even beginners! Few pieces to cut out, and you can do it from all the same fabric, I just used what I had.

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I had a speaking engagement last weekend so John and I made the trip with our grandson Asher John-Ryan, our son The Boy, his wife Emily and three, yes, three dogs. Do any of you recall when you could stuff a family of five into a huge car and still have room to add three dogs? Those Chevy’s from the 1950’s come to mind… I’m pretty sure we could walk around in those, even after the whole family got in!

So John and I, wanting to spend some quality time with our grandson, offered to sit in the back while The Boy and wife rode up front. Thankfully, one of the dogs is theirs and she rode with them. Our pups were angels the whole way, riding in our laps. Asher was the best of all, a great sport even though he had to sit for almost four whole hours. The speaking engagement went well and I made a new friend in the process. God blessed me so much I can hardly count the many blessings.

It was a wonderful weekend. Baby time, pups in lap, meeting sisters in Christ and a safe trip home. God is good all the time. All the time God is GOOD!

Breaking news: I just snarked these from my daughter in law Emily’s Facebook! I’m totally smitten with this little guy…

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I made this for my grandson Asher and can’t wait to give it to him and his mom and dad. I hope he will enjoy it! The blanket is flannel with a solid green Minkee backing. As you know Minkee is soooo soft. The “tie” is appliqued with the monkey theme on Minkee background. Here’s the finished set and directions!

The Minkee Monkey Blanket
The Monkey Blanket and Monkey Tie

I cut my fabric with the measurements of 36″ wide and 46″ long. Why? Because that is how much Minkee I had… no big science there. The strips you see on my mat are scraps I used for the tie. I didn’t photograph the making of the blanket but will give you some tips.

  • Minkee stretches! Cut carefully
  • Once you have everything measured and cut, PIN along the edges. Don’t try to rush and shortcut… pinning at this point is very important.
  • While sewing stretchy flannel and / or Minkee, keep it all on the table so the weight of your project doesn’t pull and cause it to stretch while sewing. I don’t use my walking foot when sewing flannel or Minkee.
  • If you have some stretching use the point of a seam ripper to gently feed the excess under the needle.. there should only be a small amount if you pinned properly.
  • Leave an 8″ opening along one side.
  • Trim corners
  • Turn
  • Steam blanket edges with the iron and gently iron on FLANNEL side! Don’t iron Minkee side.
  • Sew opening closed and topstitch around the edge of blanket for stability.
Now for the Onesie and tie!
You can use any Onesie set… I chose Calvin so The AshMan can be a snazzy dresser.

I made a pattern by just tracing near the existing stitches on the Onesie and marking a tie that I thought would be a nice size. You will note the pattern is folded in half. I cut along the lines that are marked so when I opened the paper both sides were exact.

The pattern should be two pieces because I cut the neck separate from the tie, but you get the idea. Disclaimer: I’m not a designer… I made this up as I went.

I used a blanket stitch like this one (image from Craftelf.com) to put the applique onto the Onesie. The illustration demonstrates hand sewing but you get the idea….

I sewed on the neck part of the “tie” and the fabric went up under the flaps at the shoulders.

In the photo below, you can see how the green Minkee is under the fold at the shoulder.

This is where I found the center and marked it. Simply fold the Onesie in exact half to find the lengthwise center. This also works if you need to find the center width, just fold in half width-wise.

I cut one of the cute monkeys from the flannel fabric, found my center and used the blanket stitch to applique it on.

I pinned the tie, matching my center marks. Remember the Minkee is stretchy, so sew gently.

I stitched the tie onto the Onesie, overlapping the Minkee on the curve at the neck. I stitched on top of the tie at the curve to give the tie a “tied” detail.
Voila! A matching Minkee Monkey Blanket and Onesie!

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The long-awaited gift

(Photo: Savannah Morning News)

This past Father’s Day, The Boy and his wife Emily came to visit my husband John. His gift was a book they had selected special for him.

I was in the kitchen but they wanted me to be with him when he opened it. I sat down in my recliner. “No, mom,” The Boy urged, “Sit here, beside dad.” I got up and sat beside my husband on the sofa.

“OK,” Emily said. “You can open it.”

John isn’t what you might call an aggressive gift opener. He looked at the gift, turned the package over and began gently tearing it open. I thought the two kids were going to burst. I also thought it must be a really great book for so much anticipation on their behalf.

“Dad, open the card. The CARD!” Emily reached over and patted her excited husband’s arm. Gee whiz, The Boy was really into this whole gift-giving thing. Marriage was serving him well, indeed!

John opened the envelope and pulled out the card. The front of it said, simply, “Grandpa.” I didn’t notice. Besides, if I had, I wouldn’t have said anything. It wasn’t polite to point out that they’d picked the wrong type of card.

I once received a card congratulating me for a promotion I’d received at work. “Congradulations!” it said, complete with an illustration of a black graduate’s cap and gold tassel. I didn’t point that out either.

So John opened the card. “Read it with him, mom!” Obviously I wasn’t doing this right. It was dad’s card, not mine, so I was going to wait my turn.

I leaned a bit closer so I could read the handwritten note.

“For Father’s Day we wanted to give you something special so we made it ourselves: your first grandchild! Y’all are going to have a grandbaby in February.”

I have no idea what John did once he read the card. I was too busy bolting from the sofa, yelling and hugging the kids. I would later discover another note on the card. “To mom, even though it is Father’s day, this is your gift, too.”

We’ve spent the last few months eagerly anticipating the current ones, the time that we can actually see that we have a real grandbaby on the way. Our beautiful Emily is radiant and our son beaming. They promise as many children as God allows, and we cannot wait for the gifts our Lord has for our otherwise somewhat small family.

At some point, John says it was the evening of Father’s Day, I began enjoying a renewed interest in babies. I’ve held them, asked the moms tons of “baby” questions and even offered to babysit for a neighbor.

“We need the practice,” I assured John when he almost fell over. It is known by those closest to me that I don’t “do” babies. Well, maybe so, but I’ve never been a grandparent-in-training before, so it is time to make a change.

This week John and I have been invited to accompany The Boy and Emily to the ultrasound. The rule was placed before us: we are not allowed to exclaim if we think we know what it is because they don’t want to know. They want to be completely surprised at the time of delivery.

No problem. In the event Ninja Man can decipher the secret code, he and I will keep it secret. It won’t be easy and February might seem a long time from now, but it’s the least we can do for this precious couple who are experiencing one of the most blessed gifts of life and, in turn, making us grandparents for the first time.

Proverbs 23:25 says, “May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!” We can’t wait for that special day in February when we will receive this new blessing of God’s grace on our family. God is so good.

Kathy Bohannon is a Georgia Press Association award winner and regular contributor to Effingham Now. E-mail her at kathy@bohannonink.com.

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