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We’ll start with Thursday’s gift!Inside the white box was a wrapped goodie that turned out to be a pretty pink rose candle! Ange and I love pink and we love roses, so this couldn’t be more perfect! The white on white arrangement in the background was my mother’s and dad gave it to me when I visited him this summer.
And now 41 days and the 9th gift!
This is fun!

This is really a neat vintage print! It reminds me of an apron my mom had years ago. This one is a napkin that will go great with my morning tea! I love the fall colors in it!
And speaking of fall….

Ninja and I browsed Michaels’ in Savannah today, looking for some nice fall bargains. Wow, did they ever have a great sale! 50 and 60% off of fall / Halloween decor. Though I don’t have issues with Halloween, I try to make my decorating dollar go further so I lean toward decorating strictly for fall. They had pre-made decorations like the one you see here, that were marked as much as $169… of course, for that price, the basket and decor was about three times the size as mine!

Anyway, I took a quick glance of what they had in the big fall arrangement and made mine for about $12. (It’s the one with the scarecrow in it.)
Here’s the little guy welcoming the fall season! He sure brightens up our porch!
At the end of the season last year, I bought a clearance-priced garland of gold leaves with yellow lights and strung them on my porch. When I brought them out this year, I thought they sure looked wimpy! So we found, at 60% off, strands of fall garland at Michael’s! I just twisted the yellow leafed garland with the new garland (gold, orange, red and berries too!) and presto! Full and festive!

Ninja Man really likes the color and he was very sweet to commend me on sticking to a budget that was very small to begin with!


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This is a secret gift for someone for Christmas. All I can say right now is that I’m sewing it and it is AMY BUTLER! Can you guess what it is?

Also, just in case you’re keeping count, today marks 43 days and gifts! Today’s gift from my friend who sent me FIFTY gifts to open, one each day until my 50th birthday on Thanksgiving day, is …………………….a darling little wire basket and three eggs! Man, she really knows me! I just figured out the clue on her list! “Your two baby birds have flown the coop and yet you’re about to get a third!” Referring to our expected grandbaby! So sweet!

I love birds, particularly “fat” birds, and I’ve been planning to blog about my little collection! This will be perfect to put with them when I blog.

I put the gift near my Jan Karon collection of books because they remind me of Angela, the friend who did the 50 gifts for 50 days! She first told me about Karon and I have found all of the Mitford series books at thrift stores. I love them so much I plan to start reading them all over again since I recently finished the last one! I really miss Father Tim, Cynthia and Dools!

Our Bible study is continuing but I will blog about it in a catch-up blog because Ninja has worked late and hasn’t had time to do much more than read it each night. We like to discuss it and look up all the different scriptures. Hopefully he will have more time before the weekend.

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Oh, this is so much fun!! Today’s gift from my friend marks 47 days until my 50th birthday! I realized today I am eagerly anticipating each day to discover yet another sweet message in the Bible study Ninja Man is leading me in, as well as a “little something” from my friend. I still can’t get over how thoughtful this whole “50 days of gifts” is, how perfect the Bible study falls in sync and also how much planning and preparation the gifts from my friend must have taken.

It certainly makes me think of all the preparation that God made for Jesus to give us the greatest gift, that of salvation. What an unmeasurable sharing of love for every single one of us!

I think of that as I open the next gift; have we fully opened the gift of salvation? Have we removed the wrappings or just admired it from afar?

My friend Angela’s gift today was in pretty paper and I couldn’t begin to guess what it was!

How neat is this?! For those fabric buffs out there, you know that these don’t look like just ANY pencils! I think each one of these fun pencils have a print like that which you might find on fabric! What fun!!
Last night’s Bible study from “50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die” revealed that Jesus died to “please God…. “A beautiful act of submission of obedience to the will of the Father (Ephesians 5:2) This is quite a lot to take in… what would we give in the spirit of submissiveness and obedience if God desired it? That question might just be a good one to pray about until we are sure we know.

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When Ninja Man got home last night, I couldn’t wait to share my friend Angela’s gift of 50 gifts for 50 days until my 50th birthday! Later, he went through our collection of Bible study tools and selected this study for us!John Piper’s 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die

Wow, this is just awesome! The 50 gifts from my friend inspired him to choose this one! “We can do one each night and finish on your birthday!” Ninja Man said. Man, how great is that?

We began reading the introduction last night and will start the actual study tonight. I’m excited… it has been a while since we’ve shared a study together, and I have found that being “in” a Bible study helps me to stay disciplined and closer to God. I’m constantly reminded it isn’t God who moves… it is me!

Thank you, God for the husband you have blessed me with.

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