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We are facing some family challenges, which have proven recently to be a bit more than we have ever experienced. 

With prayer and support and the absolute GRACE of God, we are finding our new normal. 

Our 16 month old GrandLittle Wren Marie has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. This has hit us like a freight train. There were hours of non-stop sobbing followed by exhaustion, only to begin again upon waking. 

The last week has found me confused to the point of being unable to make a simple meal without a multitude of mistakes and backtracking. I found it easiest to just put cereal in a bit of yogurt and call it a day. 

I will finally get to see my daughter, her husband and Baby Wren tomorrow. We have the nearly 4 year old sis visiting here in Savannah with us. 

It took me a few days- ok, eight- to be exact before I could even enter my studio. 

Two of my five grandLittles were my inspiration. They are 10 months apart and could pass as sisters. But cousins they are, and at nearly ages four and five, they share a love for all things sparkly and colorful as well as anything that needs to be cut, glued, embossed, folded and colored. Actually, the three of us love all things crafty, which is why we were busy sparkling up my studio. 

And the sparkling of my studio combined with our trip in the morning is why I went in there this evening to clean up. 

I put my praise music on low and began putting away every shiny confetti, every button, scraps of lace, trim, twine and beads. 

In less time than expected, the preschooler shelf in my studio as well as the crafting desk they busied themselves with were all clean and organized. Then I began working on my side of the desk. 

Here’s where I decided to do a bit of rearranging and share the desktop and room with you. 

I bought this tonight (50% off at Michaels) because it’s cool and I knew I’d enjoy it every day. 

It’s a fabulous box with chalkboard labels and glass doors on top. I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for when I first saw it. (We can just call this love at first sight!) 

The “New” bin has the most recent stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn, plus a few single stamps that I seem to always need. 

“Journal” bin holds my crafting / sewing / knitting projects. I’ll blog on it later, but for now just imagine a list of complete projects with tidbits of information as well as a few sketches. 

“Desk Pieces” is all I could come up with for little odds and ends that seem to have scattered themselves all around my workspace. I needed to corral these crazies because I move them around several times a week, yet if I needed to find one of them I would have no idea where to look. 

That wood panel in the forefront? Not wood. It’s paper and I found a whole roll of it at Amazon. It looks awesome in videos and I can’t wait to film again. 

I have two Ott lights on my desk. I pity da foo who takes one of these from my workspace.  

 This one holds my adhesives. Not sure this will be permanent. It’s a bit chaotic for me. 

You can see my other one off to the side of my Big Shot Plus. Yes, PLUS. I love this thing!! 

 Note Gumby and Pokey. They are my mascots and I do love them too. 

Have you noticed the desktop is glass? That’s an IKEA thing. IKEA is my friend. I love all things IKEA and I will most definitely furnish our next home with IKEA goodness. The pullout drawers that hold my punches are custom made to fit my beloved IKEA desk.  

 Speaking of IKEA: 

 First cabinet: all grunge, Victorian, Tim Holtz stuff. 

Next one down: Big Shot dies on top and 2ns shelf. Coloring books and tools on 3rd shelf, a huge project on 4th shelf and knitting books on bottom shelves. The last one is all yarns and tools. 

 And now on the right side of room:  
Closest to front: Top shelf: kits to finish (I save these for camping trips) shelf 2-5: cardstock, inks and Embellishments, ribbons and more embellies, and finally back issues of stamping mags and catalogs. 

Further back: mostly retired Stampin Up, but lots of other odds and ends and that 5th shelf down? The stash for the preschool chicklits  

Back to the left side of the room: that double door cabinet is the Tim Holtz stuff. The narrow one on left is all Stampin Up. 

  There is more, such as the IKEA cart (in GORGEOUS teal!) and my Silhouette station, open closet with shelves full of necessities. 
I’ll just do a video for y’all. Be watching for it! 

The best news here is we serve an amazing God. He is my savior and my trust is in Him. And this studio stuff? Well, it is my therapy. It’s a hard time in our family right now and we need PRAYER.  Please “like” and share Baby Wren’s page on Facebook. Hope for Wren. Please donate by clicking “shop” or by scrolling down to find her Go Fund Me page.  

 Thank you and God bless you. 

Kathy Bo

Phil. 4:13 


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Did you know the Silhouette Cameo can be the launching pad for beautiful etched glass projects? 

Oh yes it can. 

And not only that, but your friends and family will marvel at your rare talent, declaring you a genius and lining up to be on your gift list. 

Wanna hang out for a quick tutorial? Of course you do! 

Here’s the list of cool stuff that makes this whole “genius” thing come to life:

  • Silhouette machine 
  • Self adhesive vinyl
  • Svg file (lots in the Silhouette store!)
  • An old towel
  • Etching cream (I use Armour Etch)
  • Painters tape
  • Transfer film
  • A cheap paintbrush 

Step one:

Choose your svg file (hint: Silhouette store)

Decide what size you want for your etching

Cut design from the vinyl (as listed above)

Step two:

Weed the design like this:  you’ll want to remove the actual design and use what’s left. We will call that our stencil. 

Place transfer film over the design. (Actually you CAN use painters tape for this step). Peel off the backing.  

 The sticky side of the vinyl is now exposed. 

Put the design onto your glassware. Be sure to take care in placing it- the vinyl gets pretty serious at this step. It really wants to stick!  Once it’s on the glass, press down everywhere. ESPECIALLY along the edges of the design. This is pretty important if you want crisp lines. I used my fingernail to trace along the “B” and the swirls, being sure to seal all the edges against the glass.  Those far edges are not a big deal at this point. We’re gonna put the tape there in a minute! 

 Once you’ve pressed all around your design, start removing the transfer film.  

Now see those bubbly edges? Rogue – that’s what they are! In this particular design, the etching area is a bit close to the edge so I’m gonna smooth it down.  

 See? It just took a bit of “Oh no you ain’t!” And that edge just laid right down! 

So here’s the “tools” of our trade: Armour Etch, an old towel, cheap paintbrush and that painters tape. 

Y’all hang on. It’s about to get real. 

 Tape the edges. Be sure to press them down very well so the etching doesn’t happen outside of the design. Shake up the bottle of etching cream.  Dip that brush in and slather the stuff on.  Yeah, I said “slather”. I’m pretty sure it’s a word. 

Here’s the crazy part: don’t worry about what the bottle says! For some reason the folks at Armour Etch want us to put it on and remove it in one minute. 

Don’t do it. No. Nada. 

Here’s what: not only can you (and in my opinion this is pretty much the way to get the best result) LEAVE the cream on for 12-20 minutes or even overnight (I haven’t tried that yet) but you should also come back every 2-4 minutes and put on another coat until you have maybe 4 applications on your design area. 

I know, I’m a big ole rule breaker, but wait- you’ll see that whole “genius” part in just a minute! 

So after about 12-20 minutes, LEAVING THE STENCIL ON, (didn’t mean to yell, but yeah- leave it on) rinse away the etching cream.  

(This picture was taken right after we had rinsed it all off, then removed the stencil and was rinsing for the final time. My bad.)

By the way, I rinse the sink out right away just in case that etching cream gets crazy. 

 Did I mention GENIUS? Yeah. It’s kinda easy to look super smart, talented and ok, even uppity when you create stuff like THIS!  
I’m excited to use this in our camper- yep, I’ll take it camping and put water (Wait. Wine.) in it. We call that “glamping”. I think it’s just genius. 

Thanks for stopping by! Be blessed. 

Kathy Bo 

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