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I set out to make a birthday card for my sister Barb. She was born on Oct. 29 (yep, mysteriously close to Halloween) and I was born on Thanksgiving Day. Sister Carol was born on April 1, April Fool’s Day. I can’t tell you that without mentioning that my husband was born on Christmas Eve. Daughter on Elvis’ birthday (yeah, who knew??) and son John the third (John III) was born on June the third. Brother Dave is stuck with Aug 19, which I have yet to find something to attach to.

Anyway, in my quest to try to remember special events (Okay, I rarely do, but my heart is in it!) I decided to make Barb a little something for her birthday.

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First is this nifty tile that holds a little pad of post-it notes. Don’t we just love post-its? What I didn’t love was it kept falling off the tile since the sticky on the note isn’t really strong enough to hold the whole pad up. I added adhesive from my cardmaking supplies and voila, success!

The tile is one I made in a Stampin’ Up scrapbooking show that I held at my house for my friend Lucia, who is a distributor for the company (and a wonderful, precious soul!). Anyway, it is simply a white glossy tile with a solid square of scrapbooking paper on it (green) and a slightly smaller patterned square (dots) over that. The circle was a premade delightful little sticker from Stampin’ Up and I used my Cricut machine and black vinyl to make the monogram of her initials. Easy weezy!

The card front is just like it looks: heavy stock covered with Amy Butler patterned paper, some rubber stamping, a chipboard “happy” note, and “blessed, sweet, loved” stamped on white paper slips glued down with pink dots on each end. The ribbon was in my stash and is just a solid band with a short piece tied in a single knot at the top.

Inside the pocket is a note to my sis. I included scripture and a ribbon on the end of a premade scrapbooking tag. A simple pink background (from a paper stack from Sam’s Club) and trim that matches the front (Amy Butler) was just right for the solid pink paper greeting and “Celebrate” stamp.

The back is also finished and features ribbon like the front.

What made this card easy: Cricut, Stampin’ Up, Amy Butler’s amazing patterned paper, Fiskar’s paper cutter, scrapbooking tape and K&Company TagPad precut tags.

What made it difficult: trying to put into words what my sis means to me. Always a challenge since I love them both so much!


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I had a speaking engagement last weekend so John and I made the trip with our grandson Asher John-Ryan, our son The Boy, his wife Emily and three, yes, three dogs. Do any of you recall when you could stuff a family of five into a huge car and still have room to add three dogs? Those Chevy’s from the 1950’s come to mind… I’m pretty sure we could walk around in those, even after the whole family got in!

So John and I, wanting to spend some quality time with our grandson, offered to sit in the back while The Boy and wife rode up front. Thankfully, one of the dogs is theirs and she rode with them. Our pups were angels the whole way, riding in our laps. Asher was the best of all, a great sport even though he had to sit for almost four whole hours. The speaking engagement went well and I made a new friend in the process. God blessed me so much I can hardly count the many blessings.

It was a wonderful weekend. Baby time, pups in lap, meeting sisters in Christ and a safe trip home. God is good all the time. All the time God is GOOD!

Breaking news: I just snarked these from my daughter in law Emily’s Facebook! I’m totally smitten with this little guy…

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All of the books on review on this site have been provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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Our grandson, The AshMan, uses “real” diapers and I have been eager to make some for him. My friend Vicki gave me a link for the pattern and I ordered it from Jalie Patterns in Canada.
Instead of cutting the actual pattern, I traced the pieces and cut my tracing paper. This is also because each pattern piece is marked with all sizes so I can use it as our little guy grows. Right now he is in the 6-9 month size and I can continue making diapers with this pattern through 2T… This one was $12.99 plus shipping and considering the extensive use I’ll get out of it plus the price of disposable diapers, that’s money well spent if you ask me!

The pattern was not difficult but only because there is a video on the website you can use. I couldn’t have made it without the video!

Here’s the finished diaper!
There’s a story about the cute little koala bears on the tabs… my friend Heather is a preschool teacher and one day she gave me a little plastic sticker of a giraffe. I was so excited, certain that I could sew this sticker onto something for The AshMan…. sure enough, Heather and I went to Michaels and she found the stickers! Very cool, I thought! Don’t they make the diaper even cuter? Yeah, I thought so too… by the way, the stickers are sewn on… easy because they have a neat little edge that you can run the needle in!

So having no baby at the house to try a fancy diaper on, Mr. Grumps was kind enough to let me put it on him. “You’re just his size,” I told Mr. Grumps. He just grunted.

The back fits nicely!
The pattern calls for PUL, a special soft fabric (it’s the light green) that repels water. I have learned from my friend Leia (a “real” diaper mom who is expecting Precious #2) that you can’t bleach this or use fabric softener because it will break down the stuff that makes PUL water resistant. Leia also provided this link with info about washing cloth diapers. Yeah!

The inside is flannel.

Note that it is indeed a Noah’s Ark print. After all, we are expecting a flood or two in this diaper. So anyway, I prewashed it and it is soft as a baby’s… well, you get the idea…it’s soft. The strip lying beside the diaper is the liner. Check this GREAT idea out: another friend Rachel, who has newborn twins and a 3 year-old said you can use a maxi pad for the inside! How cool is that? What an awesome idea! I will recommend this to Emily, AshMan’s mom.

Every diaper has a little “hidden surprise” and this one is no exception! I selected the “Pocket” diaper pattern (there are 3 types you can make from the Jalie pattern) and there is an opening at the back waistband that holds a 4-layer soaker pad. The layers are sewn together with a seam running down the center and a tiny stitch on each corner. The edges are not sewn closed so it will dry easier once you’ve washed it.

So between Vicki, Heather, Leia and Rachel, I’ve certainly had plenty of help on this project! You know, it really DOES take a village!
All I need now is a grandson to model this cute little diaper! I hope to get a cute pix of him when he tries it on next weekend. Until then….

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Are you ready for this? It is more than a swing… more than a porch swing! Yes, it is the (drum roll please…) Ultimate Porch Swing!Ninja Man made this for me in no time at all. I saw one on a Saturday and by the next Saturday afternoon, I was napping on my cottage porch!

The idea came while we were in Newnan and I came across a full-sized bed swing while visiting a neat little shop on Labor Day where I found some great fabric that I’ll be featuring on the blog later. . Wow, it was pretty stinkin‘ awesome. The trick was finding a mattress for it… We didn’t want an expensive project, and we figured the wood and hardware could be done for under $100.
As you can see, it would be no fun without a big ole fluffy mattress!

Can you imagine what happened next? My dad, who lives near Newnan just happened to have a new cot-sized mattress that he needed to get rid of. He is designing something and this was a prototype that didn’t meet his standard.

I couldn’t believe it! My Ultimate Porch Swing was going to really happen.

On our drive home, we stopped by Lowe’s. Even though it was Labor Day, they were open… so Ninja Man went in, got the stuff we needed and the very next afternoon when he got home from work he started working on it.

He used screws to hold the wood together and he was careful to sand down any parts that might give our little grandson a splinter later on. He used super strong chain and reinforced the beam in the porch roof since we don’t have many “small” sized folks in our family.

The result is this:I have not yet sewn a cover for the mattress, but I can tell you it will have handles so we can carry it in and out easier. For now, I have this sweet quilt that I just lay on top of the mattress. It also comes in the house at night.

Having napped a time or two on this wonderful thing reminds me that our ancestors had a great idea with the sleeping porches they used back in the day. Nothing like a cool Savannah night, curled up in a heavy quilt while swaying with the breeze.

Thanks Ninja, thanks dad. I love it.

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