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Ok, this designer has got to be the most talented sharing the cutest felted things I’ve seen in a long time!

I couldn’t get the whole page to show but this image of these precious felted cupcake pincushions (©2006-2008 Betz White Productions, LLC. all rights reserved) is from the homepage of www.betzwhite.com. If you love things like this as much as I do, check it out… she also has a second book that is coming out, (here’s the first one) and you can see them on her website or her Etsy page. She also has a blog and I’m now among her hugest fans! Check out Betz and let me know if you are just as smitten as me!


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From the Savannah Morning News

Front Porch Stories:

A potential juror’s nightmare

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Today’s entry could be called:

Me and My Peeps

Twin Peeps


Peeps Intimidated!

CRAZIER than flashlight knitting is this new, ground-breaking diet! Yes! It is Slim-Fast with Marshmallow Peeps!

DISCLAIMER: Either you can drink Slim-Fast or you can’t. You either love Peeps or you hate ’em. I know, so save your grunts for after you read this Peep story. It has a pretty sad ending.

Disclaimer #2: This really has nothing to do with a diet. It’s all about the Peeps.

Here’s how it came to be: I had a Slim-Fast for breakfast and was still wanting just a “little something”… well in the “little something” category, Peeps are high on the list! They are tons of sugar held up with marshmallow goo. Put on your HazMat gear (if it still fits) and dive in. Five of these guys are 140 calories… but what about two? I’m no mathematician but by my calculations, that’s just 56 calories. Of pure sugar. I know.

There are Peeps rules.. in case you didn’t know.

One should never, ever actually purchase these on their own. They are far too volatile on the hips and under the chins… BUT if they are a gift, all bets are off. Yep, you can eat ’em, or in the case of LAST Easter, we actually roasted them over an open fire.
Several of our neighbors gathered to roast Bunny Peeps at our house. I cannot say whose idea it was, but I’ll bet you can guess… Anyway, our favorite Son-in-Law joined in on the festivities. I think he named his victim “Nuclear Peep.”

By the way, those things flare up like hairspray on an 1980’s Farrah Fawcett hairdo! The ears shot flames so high we could have carried them like torches on a posse, but no one was organizing a posse so we ate them instead.

Ian, (the favorite Son-in-Law) ate one first. He didn’t look to excited, but you should have seen him afterward! A St. Patrick’s Day green Peep would have been envious over the hue of his face!

You must be wondering am I actually in the stores looking for Peeps? Well, since they are not “really” on my diet, I have not purchased the first Peep this season… it is true!

BUT! A friend gave them to me, which means I can eat ’em or roast ’em, whatever I want. They’re all mine.

Oh Yeah.

She knows I love Peeps and I have a few Peeps stories I’ve entertained and amazed people with. So when she saw these little guys, she, knowing I also love PINK, swooped them up and flew them right to me! How SUH-WEET! My Peeps, at only 56 calories, chased down with a slosh of Slim-Fast may not make culinary headlines, in fact, it might make a few culinary experts nausious, but I’ve never been known for having notable culinary skills (or tastes, as today’s entry reveals!)

So I was photographing my Peeps when I saw them shivering… or maybe I THOUGHT I saw them shiver… sugar does strange things you know….

And I saw there are some NEW PEEPS IN TOWN…

Gangsta Peeps on steroids.

What happened next is tragic and I can’t talk about it.What I can say is that this Peep is out of his misery now.

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Milking the Treasury

A friend sent me this cartoon today… WELL SAID!

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My friend who works at a local hospital said the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit needed small quilts to put on the foot of the beds. These would be used to brighten up the environment as well as would be given to the child after leaving the unit or to the family if the child does not survive.

My friend brought this cause home to our needlework group, gathered volunteers and hosted a quilt piecing session in her home. It was awesome for many reasons: we were able to serve others who are suffering, we had an opportunity to create something together, some learned new tasks such as rotary cutting and ironing in specific ways,= and we pieced four quilt tops in just four hours with a fifth one cut and waiting for piecing!

(Me and another friend, Polly)

What an awesome and blessed day! A Sunday afternoon well spent.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a rule follower. But sometimes those rules are made to be altered a bit… such as the rule that there can be no knitting needles when you’re on jury duty. That’s right, those little weapons of mass destruction have no place in the world of the judicial system.

So when I set out to do my civic duty, I took along my Vanna yarn and yes, two Maglite-type flashlights.The yarn would become something, not sure what, made possible by the non-threatening flashlights.

These little lights are the best ever for lots of situations. Ninja Man gave me my first one (the black one) years ago and I have kept it ever since…. that is until I temporarily lost it and he replaced it with two blue ones. Wouldn’t you know, I found the black one and then lost one of the blues. Either way, I have two now, just right since I use them every single day. I carry one in my purse at all times and have used it for everything from reading on long trips at night to lighting the way through an unfamiliar room we might be staying in. I have another on my nightstand and it props just right so I can read before falling asleep.

Last night as I was reading with the light, I was wondering how in world I could go the whole day sitting on jury duty, or heaven forbid, sequestered for the weekend and next week, without knitting. Woe would be me. I’d met an older woman last weekend who told me she first knit as a child with two long nails. How smart is that!

And then it hit me.

I can have the best of both worlds and knit while following rules! Yes!

So here are my little lights, now known as emergency knitting needles.

I cast on.

And began knitting. Oh. This was fun.

While I didn’t get to whip up anything while on jury duty (they only needed six jurors and sent the rest of us on our way) I decided to knit a bit to show you that it works. So here I was at the dinner table (tablecloth: Williams Sonoma, gift from daughter Aubern Michelle and her hubby Ian) knitting while a casserole cooked in the oven.

A finished row. Yes, the stitches are large and someone funky, but hey, when you have the need to knit, this works!

The pics are blurred because I was having to photo them with one hand. My camera is rather large and heavy, but you get the idea.

I got a bit froggy and decided to try purling. It worked!

Getting along fine here, the project grew rapidly because the stitches are so big.

SuhWeet! I’ll bet even ole’ Vanna never tried this!

The timer on the oven beeped so I put down my illuminating project and returned my flashlights to their former duties in life. What fun this was!
Can you think of anything you might use for knitting, besides actual knitting needles?

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