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The is the way my story ran in the secular press. I am SO BLESSED to be able to share Biblical inspiration in this way. Praise the Lord. Seriously… PRAISE HIM!

A faux pas of presidential proportions


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Elephant BFFs

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This story got my hackles up.

I am assuming all of the facts were reported, but if anyone has any more info on this I would really like to know.

Imagine, you’re stuck on an airplane with your kids. I don’t know how many this woman had on the plane but it was more than one. Now, I don’t fly but I’ve been in a car with two screaming kids and a husband having a meltdown and I wanted to jump out of the car window. Here’s this woman with “unruly” children, ON the airplane (you can’t pull over OR jump out of those windows, by the way) and she has had E N O U G H. She decides to lay ’em out, right there. Chances are she has endured the heated glares and looks of frustration from other passengers. Besides that, she probably has to potty but can’t because if she leaves her little tyrants for just a moment, they will probably hijack the plane and take over the world.

I can imagine she has already warned them. She has glared. She has made them sit with their hands in their laps. She has threatened them with her teeth gritting together. She finally applies a bit of “understanding” to their be-hinds.

And she gets reprimanded by the Frontier Airlines flight attendant.

Does this flight attendant not know that by the time a mom has come down to seeing through the threat of a spanking, she has enough adrenaline flowing to single-handedly toss a stewardess or two across her lap and give them a whack?

I cannot imagine the frustration this parent must have felt. She is airborne with her scraggly screamers, tries to handle it, then gets a reprimand.

So she cursed.


Not good, I know, but it was cursing, NOT pulling out a knife, gun, bomb, or even more frightening on an airplane; a tube of toothpaste or bottled water. She let a few expletives fly out and the next thing she knew she was arrested for violating a terrorism law.

This mom served THREE MONTHS before entering a guilty plea, her kids were put in foster care and she is having to FIGHT for them because the foster parents want to adopt them!!!!


Well darned tootin’ they want to adopt them!!! These kids probably are well disciplined, unless of course, you lock them in an airplane for a few hours! Their ears are popping, they are bored and they want it over with. What do they do? They act up. Otherwise, they probably have enough structure in their lives that under normal circumstance, they are pretty cool kids.

This defies common sense, as the mother’s lawyer said. What in the world has happened to our society when a mom can’t deliver some homegrown attitude adjustments to her own children?

Have we lost touch with reality? Terrorism laws are written to protect us and they have to be enforced by people with some relative level of COMMON sense.

If I could afford to pay this woman’s legal fees I’d get her the best team of attorneys and see to it that no one ever has to endure such an abuse of governmental power again.

Read the story here.

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Obama first spoke over Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., which if you think about it, probably rattled his honor, since he was, after all, swearing in the first junior senator to ever be the danged Prez of these great United States for heaven’s sake. So I can imagine that the honorable Judge Roberts was trying to get back on track when he blew his lines. “Your serve,” he might have said, offering Obama the next faux pas. “My bad,” Obama might have replied.

But no, they went on and tried to get through the stressful event without making another mistake, which could have been anything from mispronouncing the name of the United States to an errant bird flying over, and, well, doing what errant birds might do. Now don’t tell me that can’t happen… one hit me twice while I was eating my lunch on Johnson Square in downtown Savannah. Twice. Seriously, what was wrong with that bird’s digestive system, and why, oh why did he have to hover over ME? There I was, under attack by a B-1-R-D bomber without even the Secret Service to shoot it down.

So back to the story I like to call “Repeat AFTER Me” …. It was a grand sample of handling stress, if you ask me. Obama didn’t even break a sweat. I would think that is the number one criteria for the guy who has the big red button on his desk.

Unfortunately, it’s not THIS button:Though legally, he didn’t HAVE to retake his oath of office and was indeed President Barack Obama since the moment he was originally sworn in, a retake was done, without video cameras. They did an audio, but held it in front of a small number of reporters and not a gazillion people worldwide.

BUT THEN Judge called President Obama his homey-g and they had to do it A G A I N!!

Ok, not really. I made that last part up.

But I do have a question… why couldn’t the Bible and the U.S. flag also be in the picture? I have one of each I would have happily loaned them.

By the way, 1 Peter 2:13 tells us to “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right.”

I read that to mean that it doesn’t matter who you voted for, you are to submit to the authority of the leadership that is before you. For that reason, though I did not vote for him, I will support President Obama with my prayers that his will be a great presidency and that God’s will be done!

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This is a travel changing pad I made for our neighbors who just had twins. The outside is a heavy weight tropical print cotton that is washable. The inside is chenille (washable, of course), with pockets for diapers and wipes. It is perfect for the changing stations at restaurants or the seat in the car, or wherever you might find yourself needing a quick comfy place to change baby. There’s stabilizer in the pockets to make them, well, stable! Daughter-in-law Emily has one and I was really impressed with it so I thought I’d try to design one.The pad closes with Velcro, but I covered a button in the green chenille to make it look nicer. Remember, if you ever make something for a mom, think of her having to use it with one hand. Velcro or snaps make life much easier and make the gift much more enjoyable!

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My first grandchild Asher is almost ready to make his appearance, and with the most recent news from my son of his wife’s “pre-labor” activity today, I scurried to my sewing machine this evening to whip up this nursing cover. Daughter-in-law Emily described it for me, as I’d never heard of one, and she chose this absolutely gorgeous fabric! It was neat because this is the type of fabric I’ve been looking for since early last year when I saw a mosaic style of fabric on a pillow at World Market. We saw in online a few months ago at Hancock’s Fabric but I’m too cheap to pay shipping so the next time I was near the store, I stopped in. They didn’t have it in stock but ordered a few yards (you’ll be seeing a purse and wallet out of this too!) Anyway, it was not very expensive and washed beautifully!

Since I didn’t have a model, you have to use your imagination here… It is like an apron with a half-hoop so that when mommy is nursing, she can have privacy for herself and the baby as well as be able to view the baby. What a neat, neat idea! Sure wish I’d had this when the well-meaning aunt paraded a ton of folks through the bedroom to see my infant daughter nursing. Back then, those of us who were modest and wished for peace and quiet for the baby often went to a back room or put a receiving blanket over one shoulder. Not the best option, as you have to be very careful not to lose your cover.

This little nursing apron is the perfect solution!I didn’t have a pattern, but found that it was simple enough to make in an evening. I cut a rectangle large enough to drape over the front and sides of the mom, then ironed where I wanted to sew the hem. I folded in that hem and ironed again, encasing the raw edge of the fabric which gives the project a nicer finish. I hemmed three sides like this, and then again on the top of the rectangle where the neck will be, but I made this hem larger and left one end open so that I could insert some plastic tubing to create a half hoop, which will hold up the fabric so the nursing mom can look down at the baby. You’ll see that in a moment.
Here’s the type of tubing I used. Ninja Man found it at Lowe’s for somewhere between $2-$3.

I inserted it midway but if I make another, I’ll just hem the whole top and insert the tube from one end, then scrunch the fabric until I have the tube (which is now the half-hoop) centered.

It was time to create the strap for the neck. I cut a 3″ wide by 44″ long strip of fabric. Why 44″? That’s the width of the fabric from the bolt, so it was just an easy way to do it.

Some people love to turn fabric. I am not one of those people. I will almost always use this method: press both sides of the strap into the center, fold together and press again.
It will look like this:

And no, I do not press or iron on my countertops BUT my ironing board is a disgrace and I didn’t want to photograph it! I need to make another pad for it. I’m thinking something in a delightful Amy Butler pattern!

I used two “D” rings to secure and adjust the strap

Sewed them onto the strap, seaming it as you see below and again, very close to the rings to keep them lined up properly. If you don’t do this, they flop around and will not hold.

I put a short strap on the left side of the apron and the long strap on the right. Now the new mommy can simply put the strap around her neck, adjust, and she’s ready!

All she needs now is some peace and quiet with her little one!

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