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I know you all want to know what I opened on my birthday, the 51st gift, BUT I’m at my daughter’s and can’t post a photo! Hey! Maybe I can get an image online!

Be right back!

Found it!50 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU TURN 50! With suggestions such as “Trade Strength for Wisdom, Play Golf in Scotland and Stop Complaining”, I can’t wait to snuggle in to this book! Ange and I are both list makers, so I know she knew this would REALLY be up my alley! And since it is on the list, I think I should learn to play golf…. IN SCOTLAND!

Thank you for the most exciting birthday of my life, Ange! This has been a blast! And thank you to everyone who sent me e-mail greetings, cards and goodies!

Love to all,

the blessed, happy, healthy and smiling 50 year old me!


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Gift on a Fencepost

This was so NEAT! I opened the back door to let the pups out this morning and look what I found!The BIRTHDAY FAIRY LIVES! I found a gift on a fencepost! Oh, this is so exciting!

Even more exciting when I got up close and saw the tag! It had my name on it! I went inside the house SO excited that I woke up Ninja Man. Don’t feel too sorry for him because it was time for him to get up and see what the birthday fairy delivered anyway!

It came with a card!

Ok, I can really relate to this lady!! It even LOOKS like me! Oh, this is too much fun!

This is SO SWEET! It is from my next door neighbor and friend Martha!

Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Would y’all look at this!!! I LOVE IT!! I am a big-time hat wearer, and this one is soooo perfect for me… the Boston Terrier looks just like the HooveMan!
And there’s a zipper pocket on the side. That’s cool because I have a place to carry my house key when I go walking with my Bostons! My friend Martha is so thoughtful and so sweet to remember my birthday!

I am having a wonderful 50th birthday. I thank God for my friends and family who express their love for me in so many sweet ways.

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A Happy Mom in Law

This is my mother in law, Josie. She is really sweet, and even enjoys our taking the two little stinkers to visit! I love this photo of her! Kerby is the one on the armrest. She was in the middle of jumping around, while HooMan just laid there claiming his spot!

After Kerby jumped down, Ninja Man took this shot of Josie and HooMan. What a pretty mom my hubby has!

And here’s Lewis, Josie’s husband with Kerby. He just loves dogs and was so excited that they wanted to sit with him!

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One Day.

Yep, in just one day the turkey will be on the table, family will gather to share in a Thanksgiving feast and I’ll be 49 no longer. Fifty is at the door, not knocking, but turning the key! My only regret is that I didn’t lose the weight but managed to gain more. It’s just not fair… I’d love to have been a hottie forever, but you know, sometimes we just have to step aside and let the younger ones shine.

Ok, I’d love to have been a hottie just once. But that’s another story for another day!

It is ironic that the last gift before the one marked “don’t open till the 50th day” would be this: a friendship bracelet. A simple little woven stringed bracelet that is tagged with the words “friendship”.

Well, it is just perfect because my friend Angela has done so much to make the beginning of my 50th year the best ever. It has been a delight to open each gift and know that I am loved. As I described in a recent column, there have been some difficult times in the last 50 days, and her gifts on my best days made me jubilant and on the worst, encouraged. The little packages have meant so much to me and have truly made a difference each day.

I put the little friendship bracelet on a shelf in my favorite room, the pink room. It lies at the feet of my favorite bunnies and will be there until I sew it onto the crazy quilt that Ange helped me begin several years ago.

It might seem like a simple little string to someone else, but to me the colors and threads woven together signify a strong and bright friendship. And I am truly blessed to have this friend in my life. God bless my friend, Angela! She is a bright spot in my life and a loving beat in my heart!

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Two Days of Gifts and Counting!

Vintage baby buttons!

Oh, these are just so sweet! Tiny baby buttons like my mom sewed on our clothes back in the day! I put them on my vintage notions board in the pink room, along with all the other cool vintage goodies that came from my mom and grandma. Notice the artwork on the card… we just don’t see that sweet watercolor baby art any more!

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I can’t believe it.

Only Three Days Till My 50th Birthday.

I’m like a kid.

I want a golf cart, a new swing (on my porch), a screened in porch, and um… what else, OH! I know! I want a ticket to England so I can go with Ninja Man when he goes in a few weeks.

But more than that, I want AND HAVE salvation.

Thank you, God for the greatest gift of all….your son.

Seriously, folks, that’s all that really matters.

But God also gives us loving friends who share His love in special ways, and my friend Angela is one of those kind of friends.

So today we’re down to three days of gifts and counting!

Vintage bias ribbon. Yeah, how cool is that? I put it on my vintage notions board in the pink room. Check out my earlier post if you want to see other items on it!

Today marks 4 Days of Gifts and Counting!

Anything that says “cool” and “glitter” on the card gets my vote! How fun is this? Glitter soap??? Well, I’m just going to have to find out. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out!
5 Days of Gifts and Counting!

Yeah, we’re down to five days. Oh. I think my knees are knocking. No, wait…. it’s just the UPS guy at the front door….

Ok, I’m back, package for the neighbors…. anyway, I opened this today and couldn’t believe what was inside! Some sweet vintage earrings! Clip-ons, so I can wear them when I perform as Evelyn Witherspoon (more on that another day) OR I can use them in a scarf! And they are featured on one of those neat teapots I unwrapped a while back!

Six Days of Gifts and Counting!
I’m seeing stars.

There are only 6 days until my 50th birthday.

Wait! These stars are actually confetti! What fun! We have a lot of neighbor events here in the ‘hood, so these will be fun to use as a table decoration on the next one… maybe new years!

7 Days of Gifts and Counting!

A very pretty bookmark! Thank you Angela! I just love all of my gifts, and this one is very special indeed.

Quoting 1 Corinthians 13:13, the inscription says, “And now these three remain, faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” It is just beautiful and I will enjoy it for a long, long time.

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8, count ’em… EIGHT days and counting until I hit the big Five-OH.

If you just tuned in, we’re counting off the days until my 50th birthday! My friend Angela sent me a box stuffed full with goodies wayyyy back in October, and I’ve been journaling each gift!

Since we both enjoy needlework, this is a sure hit… Ange sent me this beautiful hand dyed silk blend of thread, great for whatever kind of needlework I want to use it for! I could do hand embroidery with it, incorporate it into a knitted item or use it on my handmade cards. The creativity is endless here! I love the warm colors, don’t you?

9 Days of Gifts and Counting!

Everyone needs emery boards, and I put these on the background of some fabric featuring a Geisha, whom I am sure would use a ton of these because she would be rather high maintenance. Wait. I’m checking out my nails… um, I’ll be back… I’ve got to whip out one of those boards right now! Oh! And they’re PINK!!

10 Days of Gifts and Counting!

Tea. Tea. And did I mention tea? Oh yeah.

I do love a hot steamy cup of tea, and this came at a perfect time. I’m down to only one (I call them strainers…). I have shared my other two with friends but kept the heart-shaped one Angela gave me ages ago. It’s my favorite, and this one will be great with it!

11 Days of Gifts and Counting!

You may see a simple notepad, but I see a lifesaver, a perfect way to keep up with lists of things to do since I’m not only menopausal but ALMOST FIFTY and my memory is rather selective now. As a matter of fact, those close to me know my TRUE secret: the only thing I retain is water.

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